Best Charcoal Grill Smoker-Described

Many people have successfully used charcoal grills as smokers. They have discovered that it is quite possible to create true, smoky, slow-cooked BBQ in devices designed primarily to grill thinner cuts of meat quickly at high temperatures. The most popular grill to use a smoker is undoubtedly the ubiquitous Weber kettle.

If you do not own a kettle, you are still probably familiar with them. Weber’s famed grill has been a top seller for generations and has spurred wave after wave of domed knock-offs. The Weber kettle is a black orb that rests atop an aluminum tripod. It has both a top and bottom vent to accompany its single grill.feel free to buy real targeted instagram followers by visiting best charcoal grill smoker.

The Weber kettle is a great tool if you are making hot dogs, hamburgers or even a pricey steak. They do a great job of building the high-temperatures necessary to grill like a champ. Surprisingly, they can also be utilized as a simple smoker.

The trick to real BBQ is maintaining an appropriate temperature for an extended period of time. The solid construction of the Weber and its smart globe-like design allow it to do this quite effectively. One can utilize charcoal and wood chips to generate a nice two hundred and fifty degree temperature and maintaining the temperature requires nothing more than the occasional introduction of new charcoal briquettes.

Making good BBQ also requires one to avoid subjecting the meat to direct heat. BBQ is all about infusing meat with smoke and cooking it evenly with indirect heat. That makes it radically different from standard grilling, but the Weber kettle offers enough grill space to handle many BBQ jobs while avoiding direct heat problems. Either one can create a ring of hot coal around the outside of the circular charcoal tray or they can build up heat on side of the unit while leaving the other side free of charcoal.

The “circle the wagons” approach requires close attention to prevent overheating. The “one side” technique requires regular turning of the meat to insure even smoking and cooking. In other words, using a Weber as a charcoal BBQ smoker is anything but effortless. You cannot simply wait for the coals to ash over, toss your meat on the grill, put the cover in place and return hours later. BBQing with a charcoal grill smoker is a highly interactive process.

With smoker prices getting lower every day, the idea of utilizing your Weber kettle as a charcoal grill smoker may not seem like the best way to meet one’s needs for a juicy piece of brisket, but those who only have occasional smoking needs and who own a kettle will find its flexibility attractive. When push comes to shove, a kettle grill can be a credible smoker.