A Review on Cosmoptical Eyeglasses

Aviators Metal or an acetate frame and a tear drop shape, if you see it then you know that its an aviator. Aviators have a timeless and diverse style since its origination from the wardrobe of the US fighter pilots. It was sported by the all time famous star, Tom Cruise, in the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun. Aviators have a lightweight frame and come in a variety of lenses, including mirrored, tinted and polarized. It has been a continuous favourite with celebs. Get the rock n roll vibe with classically iconic aviators. Cities are a place where fashion never sleep ray ban rb2140 s. If youre thinking chic, if youre thinking sleek then youd be right if you pick aviators. Sunglasses multi-task too, with comfort, fashion and durability rolled into one. Wayfarer These fash-packed sunglasses totally smash the global market. The retro shape is a hit among both sexes. You can have a variety of colours and prints in wayfarers.

Ray-Ban has always bought the best sunglasses in terms of quality and style. It is also the affordability of the brand which has made it strikingly popular. Its aviators and wayfarers have been all time classic eyewears. Coveted by people all across the globe, Ray-Ban sunglasses make an iconic fashion statement. Here are a few Ray-Ban Best Sellers Ray-Ban RB3025 0013E SIZE58 Golden Gradient Mirror 0013E Men Metal Sunglasses These sunglasses have a golden full rimmed frame with a brown gradient lens. Designed for men, they give you a stylishly strong and smart look. The mirrored lenses strike off the glare of the sun and protect our eyes from the UV rays. They provide you a clear vision to the beauty around you. Ray-Ban RB3025 001M4 Size58 Golden 001M4 Mens Metal Sunglasses The thin metal frame is designed to give absolute protection and durability. The tinted lenses of these sunglasses help you see clearly without th ray ban aviator wayfarer e suns rays troubling your eyes. Find additional information at Cosmoptical.gr.

Eyeglasses dont look boring anymore. The different colours, shapes and designs have redefined their style. People consider wearing eyeglasses not just because they have vision problems, but also because eyeglasses have become a popular fashion accessory. They are aesthetically designed these days which make them wearable at any occasion and add to your confidence. Numerous designer collections just make them a more sought after accessory. Celebrities are seen sporting them at many events which adds a unique glamour to their looks. Frame Styles The frame styles in eyeglasses can be of three types full rim, half rim and rimless. Full rim Eyeglassesare the most commonly used eyeglasses but semi-rim and rimless styles have also become popular. Full Rim Eyeglasses In Full rim eyeglasses, the lenses are completely encircled in the frame. They are also called hide-a-bevel eyeglasses. The thinnest of the prescription lenses can be tightly secured within the frame.